Our Thanks

Spare Rooms couldn’t have been made without the generous support of the folks listed here. On behalf of the Spare Rooms team, many MANY thanks!

— Matt Bowden, Spare Rooms writer/director

Jana Carey
Coleman 9
Mary Crowley
Ray Cruitt
Denise & Antony Deter
Swaran Dhawan
Neetu Dhawan Gray
Nanette Donohue
Amber Eisenmann
Anne C. Fair
Jonathan Goldblith
Dennis Gray
Siobhan Hagan
David Hoffer
Karen Homann
Susan Howard
Amy Linthicum
Steven Mayfield
Ben Patton
Sylvia Pryor
Dorothy Schere
Lauren Silberman
Jason Silvernail
Susan Spence
Kimberly Stanbro
Ann Tabor
Ellen Tarr
Alix Tobey Southwick
Vincent Vizachero
John Waire
Jessica Watson
Barbara Wilgus
Amanda Zeitler

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